Water Tower Removal and Install

Originally the site was fed with a 126 cubic metre water tower 12 metres in the air. The site was then gravity fed from this giving a water pressure at the taps on site of around 1 bar. We modified the pipe work temporarily to feed the site from inverter pumps fed from an underground tank. The existing water tower was then scaffolded out and cut into sections and removed from site. The frame work for the water tower was cut and removed. A new frame work was designed by a structural engineer before being manufactured and assembled on site. A new sectional tank was then brought to site and assembled on the new frame work. Once assembled the tank was chlorinated and filled. A new GRP building was assembled underneath the new water tower with a new inverter pump set. The pipe work was then modified so that the existing inverter pumps fed the water tower, controlled by level switches.  This fed the new inverter pump set underneath the water tower which fed the existing pipe work for the rest of the site. This was all carried with minimal disruption to the site's water supply.