Maintenance and Servicing

Maintaining and servicing your air conditioning system is essential in making sure that it operates efficiently and to the full extent of its life.

On the larger systems there is also a legal requirement to have your air conditioning system, chiller or ground source heat pump.  This is all calculated on a CO2 equivalent and is covered under F Gas regulations.

*     Leak check frequency is halved if automatic leak detection system is installed

**  The threshold for annual leak checks of hermetically sealed equipment is 10 tonnes CO 2

The type of refrigerant along with the charge weight you have in your system will give you a tonnes of CO2 equivalent which will dictate how frequently your system will need servicing.

A log of all your AC equipment on site is required so that the individual service sheets can be placed with the appropriate piece of equipment  and logs of works carried out and refrigerant usage should be stored.

Our maintenance contracts are tailored to suit your needs, in line with manufacturers' requirements, and we can provide 24 hour, 365 day call out cover.