MTHW Pipe Work and Gantry

Our client advised us that they had a leak on one of their main MTHW legs that ran underground from the boiler house. We provided them with a solution by taking the pipe work above ground on a bespoke gantry that was manufactured to BSEN1090-2 and had structural engineer sign off. The gantry was manufactured in three parts and assembled on site. A new concrete slab was cast on one side and the gantry was craned into position. New 6" pipe work was lifted on to the brackets on the gantry and welded together. A boiler shut down was scheduled and the redundant pipe work cut and new pipe work connected. The pipe work was checked for leaks before being insulated and reinstated to the MTHW on site. Auto air vents were installed in T's with air bottles at one side of the gantry to allow fast filling and venting of the pipe work.